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Warriors Blogger Preview

gswWarriors preview:

Rob Mahoney of Upside and Motor:

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?

The Warriors jumped the shark.  Two seasons ago they were a darling, last season they took a slight step back (but enough of a step to fall just short of the postseason), and now they'll find themselves struggling to reach 11th place in the West.  Welcome back, lottery balls; the Bay's missed you.

The biggest reason the Warriors take the plunge this season is the departure of Troy Hudson...and that Baron Davis guy.  He was the leader of this team on the court, the spark that ignited a renaissance, a human Chia Pet of beard growth, and the team's best ticket draw.  He made the Dubs competitive and he made them exciting, a feat that not many players in this league can pull off.

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