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ClipperSteve - Clips Nation

3. What are the team's biggest weaknesses?

I wish I knew, I really do.

All of the bullets under strengths can just as well come down here and be listed under weaknesses.  There's just no way to know how these pieces fit together.

To that end, I think you have to list chemistry as a weakness, at least for now.  Maybe everything will click right away.  Who knows?  It's worth noting that we use this term 'chemistry', implying an immediate reaction that happens based on the elements involved and not on any ongoing experience together.  But of course we know it doesn't really work that way.  Baron Davis played one pre-season game before catching the flu and spraining his finger.  As I mentioned before, Camby didn't play at all.  Veteran Tim Thomas played a single game before shutting it down to rest a groin pull.  This gave ample time for the rookies to get game experience, which is all well and good.  But these guys need some reps together, and they just haven't had them.

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