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Twas The Night Before The Opener

You know, I keep telling myself that this was the shortest offseason in decades, but right now, in the moment, it sure seems like the hours are dragging on.  It actually feels like Christmas eve and I can hardly sleep. We got our gifts back in June but the players and coaches have some shiny bling waiting for them under the tree banners.

So to get into the spirit, here's a quick, stupid poem for you.

Ornament_medium Twas the night before the opener,
Quiet as a mouse,
Not a player was shooting,
Not even Eddie House.

The banner will be hung,
With pomp and fanfare,
Leaving LeBron to pout,
Pretending not to care.

Tomorrow it starts,
Let the games begin,
'Cause the best gift for us,
Is to watch our team win.

Happy Basketball Season everyone!

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