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Same Old, Same Old From Sasha

There it is!

Finding something less than glowing to say about the Lakers has appeared difficult for most of this evening as they have spent the night demolishing the Portland Trail Blazers, who have already seen Greg Oden head back to the locker room with an injury.

But at least we know this much is true: Sasha is still Sasha.

Up nearly 20 points, the Lakers had a call go against them, and Vujacic just broke out the gesture that he and Luis Scola seem to have turned into an art form (although Tim Duncan does it well, too).  You've seen it before: elbows bent at 90-degree angles, hands extended out in front of him, palms straight up, purely incredulous look on his face.

It's the look that says, "Me?  Me?  How could I possibly think I could have...what did you think you saw?"

For the old adage about how a picture says a thousand words, it's that look that sums up in a nutshell why fans around the league dislike this guy so much.  So smug.  And his hair doesn't seem to have lost any of its greasy qualities.

Meanwhile, the Lakers continue to obliterate Portland.  Boogah.

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