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More Day 3 Notes

Some more news and notes from yesterday's practice.

  • Leon Powe played with the starters at Center: (Herald) "Rivers said he simply wanted to give the bench a little more size, and temporarily moved center Patrick O’Bryant onto the second team. But not surprisingly, it was Powe coming through with most of the hustle, as well as most of the rebounds, during his time on the floor."
  • Perkins pushed back: (Herald) "He actually told me it wouldn’t be until the third preseason game," Perkins said before getting on the bus following yesterday morning’s practice. "But I’m all right, man. I just have to try and get into the best shape I can."
  • Bill Walker is not intimidated by KG: (Herald) "Walker, who got into a mild jawing match with Kevin Garnett yesterday, also doesn’t seem to be unduly wowed by his celebrated company."
  • KG likes the intensity: (Globe) "We are here working hard," Kevin Garnett said. "There is a lot of jawing, diving on the floor, chest-bumping. We are practicing hard and this stuff all makes us better at the end of the day. The intensity in here is crazy. Doc [Rivers] has us shoot free throws to calm us down. But that's what you want, that fire in the belly. It's what you want to see."
  • Big 3 won't play much: (Herald) "Don’t expect to see a lot of Garnett, Pierce and Allen in the exhibition schedule. Not only does Rivers have to scrutinize the end of his 16-man roster, with one cut mandated by the start of the season, but the stars are already up to speed.  "I’m not going to play them as much as last year," Rivers said."

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