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Knicks Blogger Previews

nyk.gif Seth from Posting and Toasting has his Knicks preview up.  A highlight:

4. What are the goals for this team?

Significant improvement. I know, that phrase rings of a bitter and (hopefully) bygone era, but it's what we're looking for. A cinderella run to the playoffs would be sweet, no doubt (except for losing that lottery pick), but I think most of us would be happy with at least sniffing the top 8. Such an improvement would bring at least some modicum of respectibility and a sense of foundation rather than reinvention in the years ahead. Oh, and no more truck parties.

Update: Straight Bangin' is up now too

1) What significant moves were made during the offseason?
So, uh, you might have heard that Isiah Thomas was removed as coach and GM of the Knicks this past spring. Isiah's ouster was what we humans like to call "long overdue" and "incredible." (Too bad Knicks owner James Dolan doesn't qualify as a member of the species; otherwise, he might understand better.) As much as anything else, this website stands as a testament to the historic discontent that Isiah Thomas engendered among Knick fans during his tenure presiding over what was arguably the worst franchise to compete in the NBA. The Knicks may not have etched out the worst cumulative record in the annals of the Lig during that time, but when you add the poor performance to subjective criteria, such as a reputational degradation and the excruciating emotional pain of abject mismanagement, there is a compelling case for such an ignominious superlative.

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