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Links and Quotes (10/30)

FLCeltsFan is taking a day or two off, and since she's irreplaceable, I won't even try to duplicate what she does.  What I will do is give you a few of my favorite quotes from the stuff I read this morning (see more after the break).

First up: Paul Pierce is chubby no more! (Herald)

Pierce might actually be better now as the result of his championship experience.  Witness his decreased bulk. At 225 pounds, the Celtics captain is approximately 15 pounds lighter than last season’s playing weight.

Rondo is hungry for more.  I intend to write something soon about him making a push for the all star team this year. (Globe)

Rondo will be rewarded by tomorrow's deadline when the Celtics exercise his contract option for the 2009-10 season, and will likely get a lucrative, long-term extension next summer.

"He's a big part of our team," said Celtics president Danny Ainge. "He's young. He's got a brain. At his age, doing what he's doing right now, tells you how special he is."

Boston Magazine has a huge article on Garnett that I haven't read yet.  However, TrueHoop highlights a great story.  Apparently after missing some key free throws in game 5, KG stayed up all night shooting free throws in the gym.  Crazy.

By the time he finally went home, it was the morning of Game 6.

That night, before tip-off, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was concerned enough about Garnett to send assistant coach Kevin Eastman to check on him. Eastman, seeing the familiar death stare that is part warning to reporters (who by now do not need it), part meditation, reported back: "I think he's good to go."

Speaking of long articles, Bill Simmons delivers another rambling preview on the NBA season where he talks himself out of picking the Celtics once again.  His reason echos the same reason everyone else that is picking against us latches onto.  (I just saved you 30 minutes of reading)

Here's why I don't think the Celtics can repeat: They made a decision not to match Posey's offer from New Orleans...

Bill Walker does not want to be another Kedrick Brown or Gerald Green. (Globe OT)

He said he wants to be more than just a dunker.  "I'm working on everything," he said. "Pullups, my 3's, I'm even starting to work on some floaters now. The more you go on, people dont want to get dunked on, so youre going to have to have a short-range shot like that."

Mr. D is the Celtics best friend (The Examiner - h/t Red's Army)

In the second half, Mr. D took the court.  Suddenly, there were no easy baskets.  Cleveland's shots were challenged.  They weren't given second chances.  The boys in white had their best buddy back, and they were all shutting LeBron and the Cavs down.  Mr. Defense smacked the Celtics in the face, looked them in the eye, and said "you're better than these guys, but only with me around."  A 13 point 3rd quarter later, we all remembered how much we need Mr. D around.  35 total Cavs points in the second half made us remember why we were even celebrating a championship Tuesday night.  38.8% shooting by the Cavs in the second half made us wonder why he wasn't there for a full game.

Boston Sportz calls Bob Ryan a Bitter Old Man for his criticism of Paul's speach:

Bob Ryan, however, compared it to a tad-too-long Oscar acceptance speech.  He blasted Pierce for, "a rambling, embarrassing, self-indulgent speech," and said, "that was not a touching moment."

You, Bob Ryan, are a heartless ***.

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