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Hornets' New Sixth Man Impresses

He doesn't look as good in turquoise and pinstripes as he did in green and white.  It just doesn't seem as natural.

But everything else about James Posey last night in Phoenix brought me right back to his work last spring.

When the game got close in the fourth quarter and the Hornets needed a big shot, Pose was there.  Watching him step into that goofy, off-one-leg three-point stroke, one seemed to know the way each play would end.  He would catch, bend his knees and then go through that relaxed stroke that envelopes his entire body, right wrist extended outward as the ball swished through the hoop.  The swingman went 3-for-5 on threes and 5-for-8 overall for 13 points.

What I loved about this guy in Boston was that it could be Game 2 of the Finals or game two of the season, but he always seemed to be equally focused and poised.  The same held true once more Thursday evening.

Even if he's not a Celtic, it makes me smile to see James Posey playing good basketball.

He spent last year earning a place in my heart, and that spot won't be vacated anytime soon.

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