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Keeping 4 Point Guards

Bulpett reports on the roster competition:

Just one year removed from shouldering a Dumpster of doubt, Rajon Rondo [stats] is the unquestioned leader at the position. Eddie House was re-signed for his outside shooting. Sam Cassell was brought back for a veteran hand and to make sure things don’t ever get too quiet. That leaves second-year man Gabe Pruitt, who is still trying to grow into his talent.

He will have time. Asked about keeping all four, Rivers replied, "I would say likely, because Sam can play more than just the 1. He can play the 1 and the 2. Gabe can, too, at times. I’m not that concerned by that position."

There may be a little light concern about Pruitt, however. While Rondo was confidently guiding the Celts to a championship in his second season, Pruitt is being prodded to do more.

"He’s just getting better," said Rivers. "I’ve got to remind him on days that this is actually a competition, and he’s got to compete every night. He can’t just want to fit in. You know, fitting in is not good enough.

In other roster-watch news, Miles was able to practice even though he was thinking about shutting it down for a day, which people are taking as a positive sign for him.

It seems funny to be so focused on the 15th roster spot on a team that won the Championship a year ago, but with Doc, you know the guy is going to play some role on this team.  I still think we'll see some kind of minor trade.

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