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Reader E-Mail

Saturday night around 7:00 I got an e-mail titled "Glass House". It said the following:

"This year we will see if not having a solid point guard consitantly effects the green that is the reason they went and got Sam but hopefully rhondo can make a 15 footer because we know there is a gap at that spot KG might b the best backup point and will Eddie house earn that raise or will he fall victime to the curse?????"

I'm not entirely sure if the reader knows that the Celtics are probably going to keep four point guards - House, Cassell, Rondo, and Gabe Pruitt. Regardless he is not thrilled with Boston's point guard play. Of course I'm on the record for not wanting Cassell to play meaningful minutes. Furthermore, I'm fine with House and don't know what to expect from Pruitt. Yet I understand opinions vary widely on those three. But here's the thing. Aren't we all on board with Rondo by now? He stepped up huge and kept the C's alive in the Cleveland series with some well timed 3-pointers. And the Celtics did win a championship with him. He's a plus defender, a constantly improving offensive player, 7 pounds of muscle heavier this season, and an avid roller skater. More importantly I've never thought of KG as a point. Mainly because that would be disastrous. I'd be happier with either of the Allens or Pierce first. Still I really enjoyed this e-mail. For whatever reason it got me excited for the coming season.

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