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76ers Blogger Previews

phi.gif Jon Burkett of Passion and Pride had this to say:

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?
ELTON BRAND. God bless Reggie Evans, but he has his limitations. The Sixers lacked a go-to player in the half court offense and it showed. Now, they’ve got their man. It wasn’t until he opted out and they shed some salary by sending Rodney Carney and Calvin Booth to Minnesota that the Sixers could make a play for Brand. It was the biggest acquisition of the offseason and instantly made the Sixers a legit contender in the East.

Meanwhile, Dannie and Pete of The Recliner GM had this to say:

4. What are the goals for this team?
The players will tell you, as they always do, that the goal for this team is to win a championship. Is that a realistic goal for this team? It’s possible, but a lot of things will need to happen. We will call these "mini-goals" that need to happen in order to reach the main goal. First, this team needs to develop a rhythm and incorporate Elton Brand into their run-and-gun style that helped them finish the season 22-12. Second, Andre Iguodala needs to transfer all that energy he spent in the off-season improving his jump shot onto the court. Third, young stars Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young have to grow up fast and become big-time (and efficient) contributors. Finally, Andre Miller and Sam Dalembert need to not suffer a dip from career seasons last year. If all of these mini-goals are reached, the Sixers have championship potential.

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