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Camp Over - Early Grades Are In

Doc Rivers seems to have a habit of scheduling a ton of practices, including a number of two-a-days and then cancelling the late sessions in order to reward a good effort in the morning session.  On a similar level, he cut training camp short by a day to let the team rest before the first practice in Waltham and the first game coming up on Wednesday.

So Doc left us with a quick evaluation of how the team has performed so far.

From the Globe

Rivers said Garnett, Allen, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Tony Allen, and Eddie House, and newcomer Patrick O'Bryant have been impressive thus far, and that everyone else needs to step up.

From the Herald:

"The second unit has to improve. I thought Eddie (House) had a terrific camp, so that was another good. And I thought Patrick (O’Bryant) had a terrific camp. Everyone else, they’ve got work to do. Tony (Allen) was good, too. So those were the eight that I thought excelled. Everyone else can improve."

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