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Flash Likes HIs New Point Guard

At long last, after more updates in this space than you ever could have cared about, Shaun Livingston has a new home.  And the player who matters the most in Miami seems rather pleased about this.

As reported by the Miami Herald's Michael Wallace:

Livingston, who is 6-7 and can play both guard positions, offers the size and versatility -- despite the questions about his health -- that Riley covets. Livingston also has a close relationship with Dwyane Wade. Both are Illinois natives represented by agent Henry Thomas. Wade encouraged the Heat to sign Livingston.

''I talked to everybody,'' Wade said. ``For the future of Miami, that's a good start when you talk about point guard. It's a great move. I'm really happy, excited to see our team continue to build for the future.''

Consider me on the same page as Dwyane on this one.


I'm just happy to see someone looking at Livingston as a positive investment for the long term.  He won't be costing the Heat very much, and if he is mediocre or doesn't pan out, fine; it'll be one of many moves over the last couple of seasons that didn't go well for the Heat.  If he does stay healthy and play well, however, this is a guy who still has the time and abililty to grow into something special. 

Nice to note that he already has some support on his new team.  It should be interesting to see if he can fight his way into a competition for the starting spot over the course of the season in Miami.

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