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Mavericks Blogger Preview

dal.gif Jake Kerr of Mavericks Moneyball previews the Mavs:

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?

The single biggest move made in the offseason was the dismissal of head coach Avery Johnson and the hiring of Rick Carlisle. The Mavs have the luxury (or curse) of having their core team signed for some time. This continuity will certainly help the team transition under a new coach, as they only need to adapt to him rather than a bunch of new faces. Carlisle has impressed so far, and his biggest challenge is creating a more flexible offense for what is still a potent group of weapons, from Jason Terry's dead eye shooting to the unique assets that Dirk Nowitzki brings. Avery Johnson could never figure this out, and his reliance on isolation plays was a major factor in the Mavs playoff woes over the past few years.

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