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Bill Walker: 2nd Round Steal

Bill Walker is still getting praise from Doc and just about anyone talking about the Celtics.  From Steve Bulpett:

While the young guys continue to have issues, Bill Walker is emerging from that pack.

"They’re all behind, but they should be," Rivers said. "Billy’s better because he’s used to playing the 3. He attacks the basket. He’ll live on the foul line. We’ve got to work on his handle a little bit, but if he can catch off the cuts, he’s going to live on the foul line."

As for his outside shot, the coach said, "It’s better than I thought it was, but he has to improve it.

"I tell you, he’s good. Billy listens so well. You tell him something, he tries to do it. He’ll come ask you. He’s been great. He’s not your typical rookie that thinks he’s got it figured out already. He’s been a pleasant surprise.

"He would have gone early if he was healthy. I think he would have been mid-first (round) to definitely low first. But everyone was scared of his knee, and we were clearly in a position to take the chance."

Does anyone else notice a trend here?  JR Giddens was picked where we had our own selection but the better player so far is a guy Ainge saw slipping down the board and traded for on draft night.  Pruitt was our pick last year but Ainge saw Big Baby slipping down the board and went out and got him.  Two years ago we traded our pick to the Blazers, but Danny saw Rajon Rondo slipping down the board and picked him up at number 21.  (by the way, Leon Powe was another guy that slipped and Ainge traded for on draft night)

Call me crazy, but I'm almost happy that we don't have a first round pick next year.  I think Danny does better when he sees a talented player dropping that he can pick up for a good value.  As long as there are teams out there willing to sell 2nd rounders, Ainge will have the opportunity to find guys that should have been first rounders.

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