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Daily Links 10/7

Herald    Ray Allen’s selective shooting fits Celts’ plans  
Globe    Unquestionably, Allen is glad to be back         
CelticsBlog   VladRad minutes reduction justified    Interview with Larry Bird       
Kevin Eastman Basketball  Want to/need to      
Hoopsworld   Carter happy in NJ, Walker impresses    
Can the Boston Celtics repeat?      
Power Rankings:  Lakers on top?!     
WEEI Blogs    Take me out to the ball game     
NBA Cavaliers   One on one with Delonte West     
My Basketball    Ubuntu diary    
Metro    Repeat after me   
Lex Nihil Novi   Darius Miles at the four spot     
Robey trades PT for winning     
A snapshot of Antoine after 5 games      
OC Register   Zen or Ubuntu?  Phil or Doc?    
Indian Express   Worst to first Celtics gunning for repeat       
Hooped Up   The formula:  Boston Celtics      
Blazers Edge   Miles watch - Day 234,305     
Press Enterprise    Lakers learn that D matters      
Lowell Sun    Debating the legacy of Paul Pierce    

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