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Deron Defines His Role

The rising star wants this much clear: He likes playing point guard when he is on the basketball court.  And nothing else.

As reported by Tim Buckley of the Deseret News:

The last place Deron Williams wants to be when the 2008-09 NBA season begins later this month is at shooting guard for the Jazz.

"I hate playing the two," Williams said after scoring 22 points to help his White squad to a 76-76 tie with the Blue on Saturday. "I don't like playing the two. I'm a one. I like to have the ball in my hands."

Besides, the Jazz's starting point added, "We have enough two guards on this team. I don't need to play the two."

Buckley also reports that Utah coach Jerry Sloan may be considering using Williams at the two on occasion this season to throw a different look at opponents with smaller backcourts.

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While Williams' job is to do what the team asks him to do, it's hard to argue with his contention.  The guy has become one of the top couple of point guards in the league over the last couple of seasons and has more than earned the right to be the man with the ball in his hands in Utah when he wants it.  A season of 18.8 points, 10.5 assists and 59.5 percent true shooting at the point does that for a guy.  If he wants to be the one running the offense, that's what he should be doing.

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