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Daily Links 10/8

Herald   Brand new day     
Doc Rivers takes it easy with Big 3     
Elgin Baylor is out as Clippers' GM       
Stephon Marbury says he’ll accept backup role      
Globe    Allen ready to come out firing     
Big Three will take it easy tonight

More Links After the Jump  

MetroWest Daily    Pruitt more confident now    
CelticsBlog   Marbury showing shouldn't affect Knicks' lineup     
Celtics Stuff Live Wednesday night post game  
Here we go         
ESPN    Posey brings his recipe for success to Hornets      
Enterprise   Celtics open exhibition season vs. 76ers      
Worcester Telegram   New Celtic has it all but brogue     
Courier Post   Sixers will hold back vs. Boston     
Philly Inquirer    76ers' test tonight: Cohesion, not Celtics      
NBA Celtics Blog   1986 NBA  title celebration      
Union Leader   Champion Celtics are coming to town    
Mass Live   Are you ready for some basketball  
Bleacher Report    Usain Bolt draws inspiration from NBA      
Fox Sports   Atlantic division not a pushover any more     
Lex Nihil Novi    Danny Ainge, Tony Allen, and CJ Miles     
Whutt upp Tony Allen?      
E-Will and Antoine becoming fast friends     
ProJo    Old school is way of life for Celtics     
Courtside View   Celtics arrive back from Little Rhody trip     
Green Bandwagon   Celtics vs 76ers:  What to watch for       

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