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MLB Playoffs at SB Nation

Years from now we'll look back fondly on how overwhelming it was to be a Boston sports fan during the first decade of the new millennium. And by "we" I mean Boston sports fans. Everyone else will remember how obnoxious we were while our teams dominated. And it's moments like this I'll recall. Currently I find myself inexplicably excited about a sloppy preseason game to the point that I temporarily forgot about a looming Red Sox/Rays grudge match. These teams hated each other when Tampa Bay was bad! And now the Rays are loaded with swagger, talent, and a division title. Granted the 2004 Red Sox, 2001 and 2003 Patriots, and 2008 Celtics won in such a way that I could never be truly disappointed again. Yet I'd still love to see Boston stomp on the Rays and put an end to their Cinderella story. Go Sox.

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