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Hornets Blogger Previews

noh.gif Today is the Hornets bloggers' turn:

Ryan Schwan & Ron Hitley of :

2. What are the team's biggest strengths?

Ryan: The team concept. Yeah - I know most are expecting me to say Chris Paul, the starting five, or maybe the beams of light generated by Byron Scott's shiny dome. The Hornets' GM Jeff Bower and Byron Scott have done what many teams fail utterly to do: put together a starting five that have talents that compliment each other. When you have a floor general with uncanny passing, ballhandling and explosiveness, what do you do? Find an excellent pick and roll partner, and then space the floor with shooters - one of whom needs to be able to manufacture their own offense if the high screen is defended properly.

Rohan of At the Hive:

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?

The most talked about addition was James Posey, and for good reason. In my mind, New Orleans definitely overpaid for him. But Posey gives the Hornets something they sorely lacked last year: a legitimate defensive stopper. He probably won't start, but I envision him getting big minutes against premier scorers in the Kobe/TMac/Carmelo ilk. Throw in that he's among the best rebounders at his size and his three point ability, and it's a great addition.

ticktock6 & mW of Hornets Hype:

3. What are the team’s biggest weaknesses?

Still depth. Still up front. The Hornets added Posey and subtracted Pargo as the 6th man. They added some extra bit players who aren’t really going to be mega difference makers. I think the combo of Mike James/Devin Brown is capable of doing what Pargo did. I think if the D has been slightly upgraded to the point (this is where Posey comes in) where the bench can hold a lead like it’s their job to do, then that’s cautiously good. But not by enough of a margin to say that the Hornets don’t still have a depth problem.  If Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong make big strides, and the rest of the bench is committed, they could pull this out and be better than last year. Injuries to Paul, West, or Chandler might not be able to be overcome, so we’re just going to have to cross our fingers. The team has also gotten a little older, but ask the Spurs and Celtics what’s wrong with that.

For a full schedule of the previews, see here.  

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