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Tale of Two Nights For Young Western Captain

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By his own admission, Brandon Roy wasn't ready to play Tuesday night.  The third-year guard went just 5-for-15 with 5 assists as the Blazers got wiped out by the Lakers in their season opener.

The Blazers' captain made sure none of that was to occur again on Friday.

The youngster looked nothing short of lethal against the Spurs.  He drove to the basket with a level of aggression raised even from what he showed throughout a productive first two years in the league.  That earned him seven trips to the foul line.  But it was his midrange game that truly astounded. 

Roy looked as comfortable as I've ever seen him taking the ball in isolation sets, breaking down his defender with a hard dribble move at the top of the key and then pulling back to rise rise up for a jumper.  His entire shooting motion looked fluid and natural, and he rose above Spurs defenders with what seemed like startling ease throughout the evening.  He finished with 26 points on 10-of-19 shooting to go with 7 assists, and he made it abundantly clear once more that he is the catalyst that makes this young Blazers team go.  It was a very nice recovery for both him and his team from a rough season opener in LA.