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Well, So Much For That

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Final - 11.1.2008 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 17 24 17 21 79
Indiana Pacers 27 21 21 26 95

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Well, we know we won't be keeping pace (pun intended) with last year's fast start. From the AP recap:
The Celtics (2-1) started last season 12-0, but won't duplicate that early success because of poor fundamentals. The Celtics had 24 turnovers and shot 21-for-35 from the free-throw line on Saturday. Boston only had three double-digit losses last season on its way to a 66-16 record.

Maybe you can blame the travel and the back-and-back schedule. Maybe you can blame complacency. Maybe you can blame it on the lack of James Posey. Or maybe the Pacers just played a great game and caught the Celtics off their A game. But loss number one is in the books, and a lot sooner than I had expected.