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Daily Links 11/10

Herald     Celtics rock in Motown    
Big Red’ Dave Cowens can’t help bleeding Green
Delonte West is tearing up the court for Cavaliers     
Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol lead Lakers past Rockets          
Globe    Iverson pumps no life into the Pistons     
Suitors waiting on McDyess     
Early preview of playoffs?   
Various posts from Globe Celtics blog

CelticsBlog     Crawford surges in Sizeable Apple     
No answer for Celtics' D     
LOY's Place    Celtics at Pistons in pictures     
Player of the game     
Comments from the other side - Pistons     
ESPN     Even with Iverson, Celtics are better than the Pistons      
Red's Army   MVB - Most valuable bench    
Perkisabeast    The answer is:  We own Detroit    
Detroit News    Celtics put damper on Pistons     
Next move is up to McDyess as free agent      Cavs find points, victories adding up at free throw line   
Both Teams Played Hard    Carnival of the NBA #61        
Detroit Free Pres McDyess' absence leaves sizable void     
Southcoast Today   Perk has been a beast in the early going      
OC Register    Jerry Buss unsure if Lakers are better than Celtics     
Metro      C's make statement     
The Sports Network     Celtics squash Pistons, Iverson flat in home debut     
Bleacher Report     Celtics?  Repeat?      
Detroit News     Pistons' Stuckey out for second half vs Celtics    
Trading Market Deal changed NBA landscape       
Josh Q Public     Tom Thibodeau and the Celtics defense      
Lex Nihil Novi     We're not as good as last year         
James who?     
Lakers look like the team to beat  (81-82)      
Celtics 24/7     Celtics spoil Iverson's home debut      
Connecticut Post     Tony Allen mows down Motown