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Daily Links 11/13

Herald       Paul Pierce’s shot ends rivals’ unbeaten run      
Hawks learn from Celtics    
All’s swell with Paul Pierce’s hot hand     
Globe     Hawk-eyed     
They created this monster     
Versions of play vary     
Lakers remain unbeaten      
Pierce the protagonist (again)      

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 103, Hawks 102: Truth delivers    Encore! Pierce Drains Gamewinner To Sink Hawks      
Live from Courtside     
CelticsBlog     Even on a cold night House can help out     
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Hawks     
Player of the Game:   Paul Pierce      
Hawks at Celtics in pictures     
Red's Army    Paul Pierce buzzer beater     
Doc Rivers drew it up perfectly      
ESPN    Playoffs? This fantastic Celtics-Hawks clash requires a check of calendar    
Pierce hits fall away in last second and Celts stun Hawks     
Celtics 24/7    MVPierce snaps Hawks win streak      
Perkisabeast    Bibby still sucks, Perk on the All Star ballot     
Sports of Boston       Pierce hits clutch shot to beat Hawks    
Lex Nihil Novi    Bench is up and down         
On pace with last year     
The Birdman cometh not      
ProJo    Atlanta's Mike Bibby doesn't regret calling out Celtics fans    
Pierce’s last-second shot helps Celtics turn back Hawks     
Celtics pregame- Mike Bibby has no comment for Perkins      
Ainge believes in Pruitt     
Eagle Tribune    Truth prevails        
Wicked Loca Don’t tug on Superman’s cape     
Connecticut Post    The Truth, Superman, and Transformers: Celtics Win 103-102 
WEEI   Put an S on Pierce's chest        
Rivers keeping tabs on former players     
Dime     Paul Pierce is the Truth      
The Celtics need Antoine Walker       
Times Picayune    Give n go Hornets vs Lakers    
Bleacher Report    If Kobe is Mr Clutch, then who is Paul Pierce?     Hawks learned lesson from Celtics  
Digital Journal    I used to like Kevin Garnett                 
Valley Star    09 Forecast:  Boston vs LA      
TSN     NBA  Game Summary:  Atlanta at Boston       
Comcast Sportsnet    An open letter to Antonio McDyess from the Celtics fan base 
Start Playing Leon Powe   Checking in with Leon and the C's        
Atlanta Journal Constitution     Celtics hand Hawks first loss      
A loss on the scoreboard, a win everywhere else     
Deja vu all over again      
Worcester Telegram    Pierce jumper vaults Celts back on top     
Hawks matured in the playoffs     
Boston Metro     Boston deals Atlanta first loss