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Celtics Stuff Live With Kelly Dwyer

After a very difficult week, where the Celtics played five games in seven days, the C's walked away with a 4-1 record, but with several areas for concern. Jon and Justin welcomed Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie blog and Kelly wasted little time before heaping praise upon the defending NBA champs. Kelly was quite impressed with the effort and heart shown by Celtics thus far in the early NBA season, something he saw as uncommon amongst defending champions in recent memory.

Jon asked Kelly about his thoughts on the Iverson trade, and he generally trusts Joe Dumars and his decision making, this one left Dwyer puzzled. Kelly also proclaimed Kevin Garnett as the most underrated player of his generation, but took small exception to calling Garnett's manuever to being on "all fours" prior to getting into the defensive set as "The Cobra".  Apparently when Mr. Dwyer was coming up through the ranks, it was HE that was "The Cobra."  To that we extend our deepest apologies.

Into the second hour, callers to the show had plenty to say about the club's recent struggles offensively including one voice familiar to Celtics Stuff Live listeners, former co-host Jim "JB" Metz. JB, unlike Jon and Justin, was a bit loathe to blame on the hands of Rajon Rondo, but had a great number of questions for Kevin Garnett, Eddie House, and Doc Rivers for his mis-use of (or lack thereof?) Patrick O'Bryant.

To wrap up Jon and Justin re-visited the issue of Rajon Rondo and how the team could potentially improve their point guard play. Jon is quite eager to see more from Gabe Pruitt, but Justin was much more concerned about the impact it could have on Rondo's confidence.

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