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Daily Links 11/19

Herald    Celtics get by without Kevin Garnett     
Brian Scalabrine answers the call     
Celtics and Knicks: These teams don’t like each other    
Suspension rankles Celtics     
Globe   Celtics make a statement    
Scalabrine found a calling     
Garnett ban irks Rivers and Ainge     
Cavaliers cruise to eighth straight win      
Various posts in Globe Celtics blog

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 110, Knicks 101: Scal to the rescue     Post Ups notebook:   Live from courtside      
Filling in for KG, Scal starts game, finishes Knicks     
CelticsBlog    Celts hold on against Knicks      
Hawks hit the skids     
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Knicks      
Player of the game - Kendrick Perkins     
Knicks at Celtics in pictures    Eastern Conference insider:   Tinsley, Marbury still unwanted      
Celtics 24/7    KG-less Celtics pull out W        
Red's Army   Oh... Someone's getting fined     
Perkisabeast    What has become of my NBA?       
AFP    Pierce powers Garnett-less Celtics past Knicks     
RCS     Power Rankings - Lakers on top, Celtics #2     
Worcester Telegram    Garnett’s ban riles teammates      
Celts explode without KG     
Connecticut Post    Celtics hold off Knicks   110-101       
NY Times    Knicks and Celtics trade baskets and a few barbs    
In the NBA All star acting is part of the game   
ProJo   Minus Garnett Celtics gang up on Knicks      
Newsday    Knicks talk a good game but lose to the Celtics     
NY Post   Cassell supports Marbury      
Knicks:    Champs acted like Chumps      
NY Daily News   Knicks pummel Celtics with insults after taking one on the chin   
Patriot Ledger    With Garnett out Powe and Perkins carry Celtics       
Fox Sports   Celtics, others may be interested in Marbury   
Comcast SportsNet   Out of the gate:  What's down with the Celtics?       
Hoopsworld    Pierce leads Garnett-less  Celtics past Knicks        
Lex Nihil Novi   Scal gets his 15 minutes      
KG a statistical comparison between this year and last    
Knicks still testy over 104-59 drubbing