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Daily Links 11/20

Herald    Doc Rivers: Celtics must take out trash      
Scouting report: Pistons at Celtics       
Allen Iverson, Pistons cool down Cavaliers    
Statement game for the Pistons against the Cavaliers? Only time will tell     
Celtics TV audience takes a big bounce       
Globe     Rivers:   Less talk, just play        
Pistons thumbnails


MetroWest Daily      Celtics: Detroit on upswing     
CelticsBlog      Sergio up and down in garbage time     
Stepping back:  C's are 10-2 without playing well.  Look out NBA!     The numbers game:   Celtics' offense not at championship level    
ESPN    Pistons use Iverson effectively against Cavaliers      
NBA Hollinger playoff odds  2008-09     
Can Rondo solve the Pistons?      
NY Post    Sore loser Knicks must win in Boston      
Patriot Ledger     Celtics’ Perkins sees no need to chill       
Bleacher Report     Minnesota set for KG's return to Target Center     
Knicks loss to Celtics reveals true character     
How good are the Boston Celtics this year?      
Sporting News     Celtics learning what a fight this season will be    
Enterprise     Solid court case for Celtics in East       
NECN     Iverson gives Pistons a different look         
Red's Army        Classic Celtics photos     
SLAM     Quentin Richardson's private war against the Celtics rages on         
Lex Nihil Novi      Grampa Celtic weighs in   
Celtics Lakers mythology      
Sonics Central    Props to Ray Allen          
Newsday     Cassell:  Benching Steph bad for the league       
Courtside View      Update: Something we didn’t think we’d do this year   
WEEI     Lil Wayne:   KG is best trash talker        
Comcast SportsNet     The new home of Celtics Stuff Live - Check it out!     
On whether the Celtics deserve a federal bailout:  a thinkpiece