More Solutions to the Patrick O'Bryant Riddle

A fanpost I thought was worth discussion on the front page - Jeff

So I've already posted in the Patrick O'Bryant thread about this more than a few times. I'm posting this mainly to simplify why I think O'Bryant's potential isn't translating into solid contributions on the floor yet and hopefully will cover some of the things I feel like Jeff missed in his post.

Reasons why Pat's not getting more burn:
1. Not tough enough in the post
2. Doesn't know the sets well enough
3. Not fast enough even if he does know the sets

Reasons why we might be messing up:
1a. We're: not doing enough to get him in shape
2a. not acclimating him to the sets enough
3a. KG and the rest of the team isn't pushing him hard enough.

Reasons why he might be messing up:
1b. He's not trying hard enough
2b. He needs more practice
3b. He hasn't quite bought into ubuntu yet
4b. Baggage from his old team (he was the goat because Nellie treated him that way for 2 years and getting sent to the D-league didn't exactly help either).

While I don't necessarily think he needs more burn in games, but I think we're in some ways not doing enough to translate some of that potential into a solid contribution. Are we addressing his emotional/psychological baggage? Is he indeed motivated enough? Are we working him hard enough with regards to his first step and knowledge of the sets? And, is he getting a real feel for the difference between the Warriors and the Celtics, or has the team actually changed considerably from last year?

The POB question has been of course been beating a dead horse for awhile now but in a larger sense, it addresses questions about the competency of the FO (Danny) and coaching staff in selecting/developing players, the real nature of team chemistry, and the makeup of the player himself, which makes it worth writing some more about.

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