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Walkers Joins Giddens in Utah

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From Marc Spears:

Bill Walker, who has played six minutes in two appearances, confirmed he will be sent to the NBA Development League today.

"It's a way of getting in games and getting in game shape," he said. "I don't want to sit on the bench the whole year. The team is doing well and there are not a lot of minutes for me. That's why the league was created, so you can go down and get some games."

With Scal showing he can play consistent minutes right now (that's right, I said it), the need for another backup small forward is slightly diminished.  This move gives Walker some time to work on his game, and to stay in game shape.  Hopefully, the coaching staff on the Flash has been given some instructions by the Celtics in terms of specific areas for each of the rooks to work on, so that they can both come back better than when they left.