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Daily Links 11/21

Herald    Celtics don’t bail out Detroit    
Expect Kevin Garnett’s emotional max at Minnesota     
Tony Allen burns Pistons     
Two seasons after Kevin Garnett, Timberwolves moving closer to irrelevance    
Globe    Celtics have the answers    
Those weren't the real Pistons on display     
Various posts on Globe Celtics blog

MetroWest Daily    Celtics 98, Pistons 80: C's win in a laugher  
Megliola: Could the C's be a match for Marbury?    Big Night from Bench Just What Doc Ordered     
CelticsBlog    Brand bowl begins in Philly     
Detroit:  You got Rondo'd      
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Pistons      
Player of the Game - Rajon Rondo     
Pistons at Celtics in pictures      
Celtics 24/7   Deja Vu     
ESPN    Only one team played smashmouth ball        
KG returns to Minnesota without home court advantage      
Red's Army     Pistons got Rondo'd     
We can't call everyone "The Big Three"    
Win a championship ring     
Perkisabeast    Perk's rough reputation with the refs is undeserved    
SLAM      Lakers and Celtics roll again     
Examiner     Kevin Garnett was a great player but it's time for him to go     
Detroit News     Pistons struggling without McDyess   
Detroit Free Press   Celtics win with pressure defense     
Celtics bench makes statement, buries Pistons    
Worcester Telegram   Rondo answers       
Finally, play-back time for Garnett     
SouthCoast Today    Little more lopsided between East's beasts   
Connecticut Post    Rondo drives by Pistons 98-80      
Indy Cornrows    The legend of Sam Cassell grows     Garnett finally set for Minny return     
Enterprise    Pistons misfire against Celtics      
Garnett being thrown to the Wolves     
Patriot Ledger    Garnett's charged up for homecoming     
Pioneer Press   Wolves brass still think trade to send KG to Boston was right move 
Jamestown Sun    This time KG will play at Target Center       
University Chronicle   Garnett's legacy still fresh in Minnesota     
Hoopsworld   Can Posey win again?     
Metro     Light men can jump      
Star Tribune   KG to return to a new look but tired aura       
Connection with face of franchise is a farce     
TSN    Rondo, Celtics cruise past Pistons     
OSC     Come meet the Flash     
Lex Nihil Novi     Bench back in manic mode  
Rajon risin'         
Deja Eddie     
New England Sports Blog    Celtics give Pistons a headache     
WEEI   Walker welcomes the D League