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Celtics Stuff Live Postgame With Mike Fine

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Mike Fine of the Patriot LedgerJoin us for a special Sunday afternoon postgame show featuring Mike Fine of the Patriot Ledger.  Mike is a veteran of the beat and makes some interesting obvservations of the bench in Friday's paper:

"While it would appear that the Celtics bench is head and shoulders better than many others in the league, it’s more a compliment to the best starting rotation in the league. In fact, the Celts bench ranks fairly low in many offensive categories. For instance, its efficiency rating, a gauge that takes into account many factors such as points scored, rebounds, steals, etc., ranks only 24th out of 30 NBA teams. 

The bench ranks 16th in points scored (28.5), 26th in rebounding (11.3), 27th in assists (4.1), 23rd in defensive rebounding (8.1) and 23rd in offensive rebounding (3.2).

 On the other hand, the bench’s defensive rankings are much higher: 10th in points against (27.5), fifth in field-goal percentage (.397) and sixth in efficiency.

 None of this can be disturbing or surprising given the starting unit, which does the bulk of the work, but it can do that only if the bench is successfully carrying some of the load, and that’s happening."

Join us immediately following the game against the Raptors on Sunday afternoon.  As always we'll taking your calls, e-mails, and questions from the chat.  If you have a question for the show you can leave us a voicemail at 1-866-751-9649 or send us an e-mail.

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