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Disgruntled Warriors Keep A-Comin'

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The Golden State Warriors got rid of one malcontent when they sent Al Harrington to the Sizable Apple last week.  Apparently, Harrington wasn't alone in his sentiments about getting out of Oaktown.

The Boston Globe's Marc J. Spears reported Sunday that Marcus Williams may be next on Harrington's wagon.  The point guard's agent claims he isn't actively seeking to get out of town, but he needs to have more opportunities on the floor.

Without knowing what goes on in practice and behind closed doors, Williams' situation in Golden State is a confusing one.  He came to Oakland this summer looking to start over and for a chance to compete for a starting spot on a team that had just lost its point guard in Baron Davis.  When stud combo guard Monta Ellis got hurt later in the summer, it seemed that Williams' chances to play a significant role had only jumped.

Instead, the third-year guard from UConn has appeared in four games and played a total of 27 minutes so far.  The list of folks playing in front of him in Don Nelson's backcourt currently includes such esteemed names as C.J. Watson and DeMarcus Nelson.

Despite his bad off-court decision-making and conditioning issues, Williams showed his share of raw ability in college, and the expectation was that his skill set would be wonderful for Nellieball.  Williams likes to push the basketball and could have the passing vision and aggressiveness to thrive in Nelson's go-crazy-folks style. 

As a third party without a vested rooting interest, it would be nice to see Williams get the opportunity to show the viewing public what he can do in extended stretches for the run-and-gun Warriors.  But as someone who trusts Nelson's coaching and evaluation abilities while also being familiar with Williams' record of misconduct in school, if C.J. Watson and DeMarcus Nelson are playing over Williams, it's hard to imagine that Williams has shown Nellie any reason that he should be the main guy in Oaktown.

Needing a third new start this far into his young career would not be a good sign for Marcus Williams.