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Daily Links 11/24

Herald      Champion Celtics shoot the lights out to breeze past Raptors     
Kendrick Perkins getting far too technical    
Timberwolves win first on the road      
Antonio McDyess to Detroit     
Globe     Rondo starts rout, so no need for starters to go route    
Agent confirms McDyess to re-sign with Detroit  
Celtics have it under control

HoopsAddict       Game notes:  Boston vs Toronto       
CelticsBlog     15 games in - State of the team      
Disgruntled Warriors keep a-comin'     
No D in Toronto Raptors     
LOY's Place     Comments from the other side - Raptors      
Walker and Giddens impress in first Flash win         
Players of the game - Boston Celtics      
Celtics at Raptors in pictures     
C's wrap up defenseless Raps       
Red's Army     Hey Perk.... Shut up    
Pete Marasmitch     How the Celtics play the end of a quarter         
Globe and Mail    Raptors lose the game and O'Neill      
SouthCoast Today    FREE THROWS: KG has rivals green with envy     
Connecticut Post     Celtics' preposterous play posterizes Sam Mitchell     
The Star     Bosh's crew must get serious before season slips away      
Raptors booed in 118 - 103 loss to Celtics      
LA Times       Here's a hint:  There's one in the house  
The Maine Campus      Big Three, C's silence critics   
SLAM    Celtics Raptors game observations         
Celtic Pride:   The great divide       
HoopsVibe    The East's best young PG:  Rondo, Harris, or Rose? 
Sports of Boston      Ray Allen leads the way in win over Raptors        
Lex Nihil Novi    The riot act        
The riot act part II            
The blowout is back in vogue     
Maybe that 26-8 run against Detroit wasn't that impressive       
Toronto Sun     Celtics slam O'Neal and Raptors
Jurassic Playground     6-7 Sam Mitchell now on the hot seat     
National Post      Raptors drop below .500 with loss to Celtics    
Hoopsworld     Allen leads Celtics to fifth straight win              
Dime     Kevin Garnett intimidation tactics            
Patriot Ledger      Ray Allen is Mr Automatic at the charity stripe      
ESPN     The truth about Pierce's deal       
The Coffin Corner     Are the Celtics players in 2010?     
TSN      TWolves crush Pistons at the Palace        
New England Sports Blog    The Zen of hoop and net      
Comcast SportsNet     Celtics Stuff live with Mike Fine