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Big Baby's Jumper

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Interesting note by Kevin Henkin on Big Baby's new mid-range jumper:

Early in the season, Davis unveiled a new mid-range jumper and was hitting it with some surprising frequency. Some, including me, wondered if the new weapon in the Glen Davis arsenal had come under the guidance of the Celtics’ coaching staff or if Davis had worked on the shot on his own during the off-season. The answer is, a little bit of both. Davis was instructed to work on the jumper after last season by the coaching staff and put quite a bit of effort into doing so. “I was just working on it this summer. I haven’t been hitting it though,” he added. When I pointed out that the jumper had indeed been falling in some other previous games, he said, “Yeah, off and on. But yeah, it’s something that I’d been working on all summer. I was encouraged to [work on] it.”

Davis will be a free agent after the season and it would be good to see if the Celtics have a keeper or if they should continue to look for taller options to help out in the post.