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(Insert Practice Joke Here)

Every once in a while, we get a story where the jokes just seem to write themselves with abundance.  So we're taking a democratic approach and letting you write in your own headline for what is currently going on in Detroit.

For those who chose to spend Thanksgiving immersed slowly in turkey, family and football (and who could blame you?), Allen Iverson faces an undisclosed fine and a possible benching tonight against Milwaukee for - you guessed it! - missing practice.


Pistons coach Michael Curry indicated Thursday that AI will not start tonight, but whether he will play at all has yet to be decided.

While there is no doubt enough precedent with non-game issues for Iverson skipping practice not to be a shock, it still comes as something of a surprise that his first incident in Motown happened this quickly.  This is a 33-year-old in quite possibly his last big-time walk year who is only weeks removed from experiencing the classically rejuvenating change of scenery.  One would think that if ever he was going to be on his best behavior, now would be the time.

Two weeks ago, this guy was in championship-or-bust mode, and already he is returning to the same old, same old.  That isn't to say that this one practice-fine-benching incident will permanently derail the Pistons, but it certainly isn't a good sign.  And it comes in a bit too much of a hurry, even for AI.

Let's end on my favorite part of the ESPN wire report on this story.  It's too good to pass up:

He talked Saturday about the importance of finding chemistry with a new team through practice.

"I've been through it before," Iverson said. "I think the toughest part of it has been our schedule. We've been on the road a lot. That was tough. For me, it's just getting a chance to settle in.

"The most important thing is getting more practice time."

Only in the Association.

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