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Post Turkey Leftovers

Just a few thoughts as I scarf down some leftover turkey.

  • The Sixers had absolutely no shot yesterday.  The Celts were upset that they failed to hold their last two opponents under 100 points and set out to make a statement.  The Sixers also play a more traditional offense with pick and rolls for Miller and Brand, which the Celtics happen to be specialists at stopping.  The Sixers may not be as bad as they played, but they were not going to win that game under any circumstances.
  • One more thing to be extra thankful for: Ubuntu.  Just take a look around the league.  Iverson is up to his practice skipping ways, Amare is pining to be "the Man," and Marbury is... well, you know.  In Boston, however, the talk is all about teamwork, sacrifice, and common goals.  Did we hear Paul complain about getting fewer looks last night?  Nope.  He just kept getting the ball to the hot hand (Ray).
  • Speaking of Ray; it seems that Jeff Goodwin and Mike Gorman have a little side bet about Ray Allen's numbers.  Goodwin thinks his numbers will go down while Gorman thinks he'll only get better.  With healthy ankles and a better feel for his place in the offense, count me on the Mike Gorman side.
  • In other news, what else can I say about Rajon Rondo?  How fun is he to watch play when he's on?  He's a matchup nightmare and even when he struggles on offense, he's nails on defense.  Just a perfect fit for this squad and growing more and more each day.

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