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McDyess A Free Agent?

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For those salivating over the idea of signing Antonio McDyess if/when he is cut by the Nuggets, consider this blurb from

Because of McDyess's objection, the Nuggets may waive the mandatory physical each player in a trade must take in order for the league to approve any deal. McDyess may be seeking a buyout of the remainder of his contract (two years, $13.6 million).

A source with knowledge of the trade discussions says that the Nuggets would be willing to discuss a buyout with McDyess, but only if he agrees to a "significant" amount less than the $13.6 million he's due through the end of the 2009-10 season.

According to the source, McDyess would have to give up about 50 percent of his salary, meaning he'd have to agree to take about $6.8 million of the $13.6 million he's due in any potential buyout if he wants to play elsewhere. Otherwise, the Nuggets will keep him on their roster regardless of whether he decides to report or not.

So, it could happen if he is willing to take a big pay cut, which he may not be able to make up on the open market.

Update: Seems like it isn't going to happen.  From the Rocky Mountain news - via Detroit Bad Boys (who have been all over this from dawn to dusk and beyond today)

There was talk the Nuggets might buy out the remainder of McDyess’ contract and he could eventually return to the Pistons, but Rex Chapman, Denver’s vice president of player personnel, said McDyess would stay with the team. It would mark McDyess’ third tenure with the Nuggets.