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Daily Links 11/30

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Herald    Champions stretch streak on road       
Clifford Ray has a way of getting around      
Celtics weather scheduling storm       
Lakers appear close to invincible      
Globe     Pierce, Celtics wake up in time    
'Cats got some claws     
Knicks set Garden record    
Forecast is OK for Thunder     
Globe Celtics blog

MetroWest Daily     Courtside View: Atlantic Division foes no match for Celtics    Post ups notebook      
CelticsBlog     Frantic finish at Staples    
Cats show claws but C's win     
LOY's Place    Flash lose in spite of big games by Walker and Giddens    
Celtics at Bobcats in pictures      
Player of the Game - Kendrick Perkins     
Comments from the other side - Bobcats     
Celtics 17    Celtics guards:  where do they rank?   
Lex Nihil Novi    KG is clutch again     
Cassell's defense stands out       
Basketball Geek    Practical unit vs unit efficiency ratings     
Red's Army    League of clutch ... Scal style       
Better than expected          
Nothing to write home about      
Worcester Telegram    Pierce riding high after incredible year       
Daily Herald    Flash season preview      
Charlotte Observer   Celtics feed off Bobcats turnovers     
Bright Cove    Perk post game interview    
TSN   Celtics beat Bobcats, move to 16-2        
Hoopsworld    Pierce, Garnett lift Celtics past Bobcats      
Metro   Ainge stays aggressive in market        
New England Sports Blog    Picking in the right Ainge part 1      
Celtics discover Bobcats with thumbs