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Winning When One Is Off

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Just a random thought.  Remember when the Celtics lived and died with Paul Pierce?  Remember when he had an off night and he would just have to keep shooting so he would eventually have a decent point total and a horrible shooting percentage (not to mention a loss)?

Yeah, that's not much a problem anymore.

Pierce managed just 6 points against the Sixers but only took 6 shots and the team won handily.  KG looked off against the Bobcats (just 10 points) but Pierce was able to pick him up.  Sometimes Ray's shot isn't falling, but the other two (or sometimes someone else) pick him up.

Not much of a point here.  Obviously several stars is better than one.  We knew that was the plan from the beginning.  I'm just saying that it is nice.

Oh yeah, and for a little perspective, when they are all on?  Watch out league.