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Box Score Fun: Good D Or Iron Unkind?

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There are bad shooting nights in the NBA all the time (hello, Tyrus Thomas!).  But through my very unscientific data synthesis (a brief of jog of the memory), I'm having a hard time recalling the last time so many big-time offensive players or semi-big-time offensive players across the league were so awful from the field on the same evening.  Of the six games on the schedule, every one had at least one purely miserable shooting effort from someone generally considered a reliable scorer.

For the sake of amusement, let's have a look at the carnage.

From the Pistons' victory in Charlotte:

Gerald Wallace (CHA): 3-for-10 FGs, 0-for-2 3PTs, 9-for-12 FTs, 15 points

Jason Richardson (CHA): 2-for-10 FGs, 0-for-3 3PTs, 0-for-0 FTs, 4 points

From the Magic's home victory over the Bulls:

Luol Deng (CHI): 0-for-8, 0-for-1, 1-for-2, 1 point

Hedo Turkoglu (ORL): 3-for-16, 1-for-4, 3-for-4, 10 points

As the Sixers shellacked the Kings:

Kevin Martin (SAC): 4-for-10, 0-for-4, 6-for-6, 14 points

While the Warriors fell in Memphis:

Corey Maggette (GS): 4-for-16, 0-for-5, 5-for-5, 13 points

Al Harrington (GS): 3-for-15, 0-for-4, 0-for-0, 6 points

Stephen Jackson (GS): 6-for-21, 2-for-9, 3-for-4, 17 points

From Mavs-Cavs:

Dirk Nowitzki (DAL): 3-for-11, 0-for-0, 2-for-2, 8 points

Jason Terry (DAL): 1-for-8, 1-for-4, 2-for-2, 5 points

From the Clips' loss to the Jazz:

Cuttino Mobley (LAC): 4-for-15, 2-for-4, 0-for-0, 10 points

Yikes.  Lots of iron.  Better luck next time out, fellas.