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Parker Joins Exclusive Company

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Michael Jordan.  Oscar Robertson.

That's it.  That is the entire list of NBA players who - prior to Wednesday night - had put up at least 55 points and dished out a minimum of 10 assists in a game.

Enter Tony Parker.

Jalen Rose was engaging in a bit of hyperbole on ESPN when he referred to the fourth game of the season as a must-win for the Spurs.

But their point guard sure played like it was.

Parker rendered a 30-point, 16-rebound effort from teammate Tim Duncan a quiet one, and he did so in style: 22-for-36 shooting, 55 points, 10 assists, 7 rebounds as the Spurs beat the Wolves in double overtime.  He got to the rack with that dangerous quickness of his.  He hit his customary floaters in the lane.  Most impressively, Parker showed off his improved jump shot, spraying buckets from mid-range, including a J from the wing to tie the game at the gun of the first overtime.

Just an absolutely dominant performance.  Well done, Tony.