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PBN: Bobcats Will Trade Wallace

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Just wanted to pass along this rumor from Tony Mejia of Pro Basketball News.

Multiple NBA sources have confirmed that Charlotte moving Gerald Wallace is imminent, but Pro Basketball News has yet to learn of a definitive destination at this time.

The Bobcats have apparently talked about Wallace's long-term value to the franchise (he signed a six-year, $57 million extension in July of 2007) and decided that they would be better suited allocating such a significant salary to somebody else.

Who? Word is we'll know much sooner than later.

If true, that would be the second big trade to happen already in this very young season.  Throw in the fact that big names like Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, Al Harrington, Shawn Marion, and Rasheed Wallace are all rumored to be on the block and we could have an interesting year (even before the trade deadline).

It seems that the Celtics model of aquiring stars for a run at the title is starting to produce some copycat moves.

So, where do you think Gerald is headed?  Mejia mentions Golden State, New York and Portland, but those teams are not part of the rumor per se.