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The Celtics Can Win Any Way They Want

Jeremy Gottlieb of BSMW Full Court Press weighs in with 5 points on the early season.  One is that the Celtics can win any way they want.

Take a look at the results. Opening night was a grueling, playoff-style battle in which the Celtics needed a big fourth quarter and a lot of the same defensive intensity seen last season to dispatch LeBron and the Cavs. Even though they led big at one point against the Rockets and got a huge game from Ray Allen (more on him later), the Celtics needed a similar effort to put away Houston. The Bulls game showed that they know what they need to do against far inferior opponents, hence the blowout. And Wednesday night’s game against Oklahoma State, um, I mean the Thunder, was a classic case of barely showing up on the road, allowing the opponent to think it had a chance thanks to an energized first quarter, then flipping the switch when needed in order to coast to victory. Let’s hope that style of win doesn’t become a habit as the Celts try to repeat, but at least they showed that they still know when and how to summon the proper intensity when needed. We already knew these guys, as constituted, could win in a variety of ways. But it’s been nice to be reminded over the course of the past week and a half.