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Daily Links 11/8

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Herald    Celtics do some Buck huntin’     
Cleared ref Scott Foster wonders about suspicious fans     
Kendrick Perkins makes his presence felt      
Fans: In Celtic Green we trust     
Heat on Spurs as Tony Parker hurt      
Devin Harris scores 38 as Nets beat AI and Pistons      
Allen Iverson happy in Motown      
Globe        Buck passers       
Perkins a one-man swat team     
They could make power play for McDyess     
Various posts in the Globe Celtics Blog            

MetroWest Daily      Celtics 101, Bucks 89: C's shake off sluggish start   Post ups Notebook     
Celtics Blog    Trouble builds in San Antone     
Perk's block party      
LOY's Place    Player of the Game - Paul Pierce     
Bucks at Celtics in Pictures      
Comments from the other side - Bucks    
ESPN       Celtics start slow, rebound to coast by Bucks      
Celtics 24/7    C's win 3rd straight     
Red's Army    Ho  hum       
McDyess, Marbury or neither?      
Worcester Telegram     Bench provides needed lift for C’s     
Struggles from the stripe     
Patriot Ledger     Celtics ride defense, bench past Bucks    
Journal Sentinel   Out of their hands     
Bucks fall to Boston       
WEEI     Of slow starts and blocked shots    
News OK    Q & A with Tony Allen, former OSU star       
Comcast SportsNet     Post game podcast       
Gregg Popovich:  Arbiter of all things Champion      
ProJo    Celtics’ Rondo is rounding out his game      
Celtics bench, starters shoot down Bucks after slow start      
Perkins continues to improve     
Rondo wants to be the best      
Parquet Pride   Starbury?  Absolutely not!    
Sporting News      The NBA Worst starting point guard is ...     My Sportsman:  The Boston Celtics        
SLAM       Quotemonger:  Pistons pulling a Celtics?       
Fox Sports    Who's the real deal so far?     
Hoopshype     Top of the world        
Hoopsworld     Lakers to be tested     
Sports of Boston     Celtics one step ahead of Pistons      
Lex Nihil Novi    Hondo just another face in the crowd to Antoine      
Popson makes the cut      
Connecticut Post      Celtics lose a few Bucks... and win       
Milwaukee bucking old habits        
Enterprise    Grueling week looms for Celtics     
The Sun    Life's a pitch for Celtics' Garnett