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The McDyess Saga Continues

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I feel like the chances are pretty slim that the Celtics will actually end up with McDyess, but they are clearly interested, so I will keep giving you updates.  This from the Boston Globe:

Watch out, Pistons. The Celtics are expected to be a player in the Antonio McDyess sweepstakes.

An NBA source said that 17 teams, including the Celtics, have expressed interest in signing McDyess. While the Pistons are expected to re-sign the 14th-year power forward, 30 days must pass before he is eligible to sign with Detroit. Those close to McDyess know he desperately wants to win a title, which could improve the Celtics' hopes of stealing him away during the 30-day window.

For further insight from the Detroit point of view, look no further than Matt Watson of DBB:

If my understanding is correct, the most the Pistons can offer this year is the bi-annual exception of $1.9 million, but between that and the $6 million he’ll receive from Denver, he can more than make up his original salary this year. As for next season, well, the Pistons will have more than enough cap space to accommodate him with — oh, I don’t know — let’s say a one-year, $6.8 million deal.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that, should Dumars and Miller share a knowing wink and a nod, McDyess might be convinced to return on the assumption that he’ll eventually get back every penny he would have earned had he not been traded in the first place.

Or something. Dumars doesn’t seem like he strays too far from the straight and narrow, and a handshake deal for the future sounds an awful lot like Kevin McHale’s Joe Smith shenanigans that set the Timberwolves back for years.

In any case, stay tuned: 30 days is a long time, but we should have a good idea what he intends to do within a week.