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Matchups After The Trade

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Detroit has a new linup which should be interesting to watch.  They'll still be getting a feel for each other but the Celtics will also still be getting a feel for how to defend them.

Rondo likely gets the nod to cover Iverson.  He matches up well on speed, but it isn't fair to ask any one person to stop him, so help will matter.

Ray Allen probably stays on Rip Hamilton as they play their running off of screens dance.

Pierce and Prince match up well.  Prince's game has improved in the last few years but so has Paul's defensive game.

Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell are young and improving, but they don't have much hope of getting the better of KG.

Sheed provides a tough guard for Perkins if only because he spends a lot of time on the perimeter.  Still, KG can switch out on him, especially when Leon or Baby are in the game.

So how do you think this team matches up after the trade?