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The 2nd (Quarter) Five

Interesting note by Jack Jemsek of CSL on Doc using an all-bench lineup in the 2nd quarters of games.

Watch what Doc has been doing the last 6 games, all of which the Celtics have won of course, with a couple of close calls against the Golden State Warriors and the Charlotte Bobcats. He has inserted the following “all bench” lineup in the 2nd quarter of each of these games: Eddie House, Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, Leon Powe, and Glen Davis.
All Bench Unit in Early 2nd Quarter
Duration (m:s)
11/20 Detroit
11/21 @ Minnesota
11/23 @ Toronto
11/26 Golden State
11/28 Philadelphia
11/29 @ Charlotte
This is a huge move by Doc in my opinion as only rarely has he ever let the team play without one of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett on the floor. It demonstrates an extreme amount of confidence in the bench rotation, namely Brian Scalabrine as he usually only plays during this rotation in the 1st half (see glue guy mention above). What Doc might also be doing is preserving his starters during what is a particularly grueling November schedule, with the above representing 6 games in 10 days.

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