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KG's Big Mouth

TrueHoop takes an in-depth look at Garnett's on court antics.  It is worth the read all the way through, but here's the conclusion:

Through it all, I remain unconvinced that Garnett needs to verbally abuse people to play basketball well, just as I remain convinced that there is tremendous value, in all walks of life, in treating others with dignity.

Does that mean I'd be happy if Kevin Garnett toned it down?

Honestly? I can't say it's that clear cut to me.

Yes, he's rude. KG-5 is not PG-13. (I dare the NBA to mic that guy all night long.) The way he uses his voice is the kind of behavior that would get you kicked out of many pre-schools or fired from many workplaces. In almost any social setting, this would be considered somewhere between petulance and bullying. 

That doesn't mean I want those social standards applied here. Sports are special. On the playing field, certain kinds of immoderate behavior are, thank goodness, not only welcome, but helpful. Kids who aren't supposed to jump on the couch, throw things, or run too hard in the living room are supposed to jump higher, throw things harder, and run faster in sports.

So all NBA players ought to have a certain leeway. And if Garnett goes even beyond that ... I wholly believe in the rule of doing things the right way. I also believe that sometimes, you break those rules, too.

For the most part, as a huge KG fan and totally biased observer, I've taken the "that's just KG being KG" attitude.  I suppose that nobody is perfect, and at times he could tone it down some.  However, all in all, I wouldn't try changing KG one bit.

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