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Celtics Stuff Live 12/13: Donny Marshall & Bill Walker

The Ice Storm of 2008 nearly stood in the way of Celtics Stuff Live going on air Sunday night, but Justin and Jon would not let Mother Nature stand in their way. Despite the elements there was plenty to discuss following an entertaining matchup with possible Finals contender, the New Orleans Hornets. Chris Paul was dazzling at times and David West opened a few eyes, but the Celtics were equal to the task. Unfortunately the storm put the kibosh on a Postgame Podcap following the Hornets game, so Justin and Jon spent time in the early part of the show breaking down Friday night's contest.

One point Jon and Justin discussed was how the Celtics seemingly relied on Paul Pierce to a greater extent than they had in weeks as opposed to the incredibly successful tandem of Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen.

Donny Marshall joined Celtics Stuff Live, for what will become a regular feature on the show, to discuss the team and replied to that last point that he felt the shift in production Friday night was more due to Ray's shot being off in the early going. Strike One for the CSL guys.

Nevertheless, Donny stuck around to chat with Jon and Justin and handed out some praise for Gabe Pruitt, noting that the only thing holding him back is the lack of opportunity. Justin also asked Donny specifically about his former teammate, Brian Scalabrine, and the reception Scal has gotten at the Garden. Donny has been somewhat critical of those who facetiously support Scal, and further clarified those thoughts by noting that it isn't the fans he finds fault with as much as the use of the "organ" at the Garden to stoke the "SCAL-AH-BREEN-EEE" chants.

Later in the show, Celtics rookie forward Bill Walker made his maiden voyage on the S.S. Celtics Stuff Live in what will become a regular weekly feature as the fans get an opportunity to check in on his progress in the D League. Walker gave credence to the rumors that circulated through the summer that there was some chance he could have gone to Europe for a year and then sign a contract with the Celtics next summer. Thankfully, Walker signed with the C's and even more thankfully, he's agreed to talk with us. Look on CSL later this week for the download of this specific interview.

 To wrap up the show, Jon and Justin chatted on this issue of Kevin Garnett "picking on" inferior players and how truly ludicrous the entire scenario is being billed. Justin views the controversy through the lens of commerce, and thinks Garnett's antics probably drive people to the box office. Jon chose to criticize those pimping this storyline and noted that Garnett isn't injuring anyone (except those with bunched panties and their psyche) and while Kobe "dismissed charges" Bryant is sainted by the mainstream media, we are now looking for skeletons to critique the most selfless player in the NBA.

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