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Starting Five - 12/16

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Sometimes I only have time for 5 quick bullets, so that's when you get the Starting Five.

  • I still have to write my Rondo-4-All-Star article, but he's making the case all by himself these days.  Nice little article by Bob Ryan on him in the Globe today (yes, Bob still writes, ...sometimes).  "He can give you a little bit of everything, the way he creates and causes havoc in transition," Pierces points out. "He's like a little Speedy Gonzalez. I don't know what to call him. He's like a blur out there."  Also see Rondo covered in the Daily Dime today.
  • Staying at the point guard position, how about Gabe Pruitt's first real test?  I thought he looked great out there.  So did Doc.  "Gabe was absolutely fantastic," Rivers said. "Forget the three. Gabe played good defense. And, to me, that was far more important than if he can make a shot. We know he can shoot."
  • Speaking of coaches (ok, I'm stretching the segue angle a bit) how many more coaches could possibly be fired this year?  Now Jim O'Brien is answering questions about job status.  We are seeing a real separation between the haves and have-nots.  Teams had high expectations headed into the season, and when things didn't pan out, they decided to punt early and reload (in many cases with an eye to 2010).
  • So a quick follow up on the free agency rumors and inuendo from yesterday.  No, I wasn't serious about Antoine.  He's a sentimental favorite of mine going way back, but I knew even before we got rid of him the first time that he wasn't what this team needed.  I can sort of see the attraction of Marbury.  If he is going to fit in and not make waves anywhere, it would be here.  And he would supply the team with needed scoring off the bench.  But I'm of the mind that Eddie House does a decent job already and our need is greater at backup center.  So I'm holding out hope for PJ, Mutombo, or even Joe Smith.
  • Good to hear that Pierce is fine.  He's even pretty sure he'll play Wednesday against the Hawks.  I almost wish he would take an extra day or two off to be safe.  But if he's up and moving around, you know he'll be in the gym anyway, so you might as well let him play.  Side thought:  What is it with Paul's knee giving on him (and then appearing to be fine)?  Of course we remember the Finals incident, and now this.  Is this something to be worried about?  What if he can't get up and shake it off next time?

Bonus link:  Should the Cavs stand pat or make a splash for Marion?

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